Aug 31, 2012

The long white sandy beach. It is a famous tourist of the Rayong province. The area is parking thing the fishing boats and tourist boats. the background is Kra Jon mountain. Near Ploy Waen mountain help people windshield to populate is called. "the village Samet Island".

Addition is home to the community. There are also souvenirs up to about seafood products such as shrimp paste, fish sauce, dried shrimp, squid, salted fish. Fruits famous in Rayong Province between May and June is the durian, rambutan, mangosteen, sweet broken and crystal glassware products.

Trip : from Baan Phe Pier. Have passenger boat 24 hours every day (at least about 7 people waiting for passengers to leave the ship) fares between the Baan Phe-Sai Kaew Beach to-back 80 Baht takes about 40 minutes.


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