Aug 30, 2012

The Southern city of the country. The city is a important tourist and transportation. Is a city to bring the goods to the port of Penang in Malaysia. Most of the area is forest and Kala Kiri mountain. The town is located from the border a distance of 7 kilometers and about 140 kilometers away from Yala.

If visitors have a chance to visit. "The largest mailbox in the world" is located at the corner of Suk Ka Yang road intersection clock tower from the year 2467 the perimeter around the cabinet 55.12 inches height 125.98 inches are 80 years old.

In the past, travel and communication between Baytong and another Amphoe is difficult. The most convenient way to communicate with a letter by the Mayor of Baytong SaNGuang Jirajinda. build post office box as a symbol of communication and installed radio. For people to get information from the government. Now this is a post office box. Still in use.

In the present simulation the letterbox to 3.5 times larger than the firstLocated on Pra Sha Kom hall, Suk Ka Yang road have a height of about 9 meters is dominated popular photography as a memorial.


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