Aug 29, 2012

Want to watch the beauty of the sea of fog need to in winter. But beauty the sea of fog was have in the rainy season. So I offer a photo sea fog from Facebook of Sai Thong National Park in Chaiyaphum province. The image sea fog during the rainy season on the "Hum Hod cliff" occurred in August.

This is the famous tourist spot of Sai Thong National Park. In Amphoe Nong Bua Ra Hell, Thep Sathit, Puk Dee Chumphol. and Nong Bua Daeng Chaiyaphum province. Is a mountain the high point of a Pung Heiy mountain. Mountains at an elevation of above sea level about 864 meters, overlooking the around beautiful and cold weather all year. Nearby cliffs to have a place for camping, feeling cold weather and rock climbing are popular.

The trip away from Chaiyaphum Province about 70 kilometers away from Amphoe Nong Bua Ra Hell about 37 kilometers along the Highway 225 Chaiyaphum - Nakornsawan will have the right to separate the Sai Thong waterfall another 7 kilometers.

Photos of Sai Thong National Park.

Data and Photo by

Google Maps (Sai Thong National Park)

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