Aug 22, 2012

On the east of Thailand and Secondary largest than Koh Chang in Trat Province. Or fourth largest in the country, away from the downtown 80 kilometers area is 26,250 acres with 25 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide.

It is completely natural have mountain and streams. Headwaters streams make many waterfalls. The name is a Klong Chao waterfall.

Upstairs is a stream. Downstairs is a large waterfalls of stream. Is very Good for swimming. Is history of Waterfalls. King Rama VI be sick on year 2454. King denominate "Anam Kok Waterfall" to commemorate Ong Chiang Sue king of Vietnamese ever refugees from uprising in the reign of the first.

Has All Travel on the East such as Sup Pa Rod gulf, Sala End of the island, Yai Gerd gulf, Klong Hin gulf, and Jaak gulf. The beach has sand beauty and clear waters and natural tranquil. Coral many kinds and marine fish colors.

Aboriginal communities are Thai and Cambodian currently living with agriculture, rubber plantations, coconut, orchards and recreational fishermen.

Trip on boat the Laem Sok. (Nyl Mang Gon boat) on go 09.00AM tour returning 12.00AM fare 350 Baht / person / way call. +668 6126 7860 or the CP-speed boat trip at 9:00AM to return at 12.00AM fare is 600 baht / person / way phone. +668 7136 1102, +668 3110 4448.

Information: Tourism Authority of Thailand. (Headquarters).

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