Aug 19, 2012

Location is the famous tourist of Tambon Paak Pra Sae Amphoe Klang, Rayong. Location of the Marine Research Station. And coastal areas. Eastern Gulf of Thailand.

Is the breeding sea turtles. By think from Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. Look like tranquil and shady. Natural is beauty. An exhibition on the island. Learning about marine animals. Instruction has information every day.
And lucky tourists will see peacocks. To come rocky in the island. White beaches be clean. Blue-green sea. corals and giant clams, anemone fish and many other.

Information by Tumbol Paak Num Pra Sae.
Phone +66-3866-1720-1 ext. 17, FAX +66-3866-1720-1 ext. 19.

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