Sep 2, 2012

Island in Krabi. The island is Limestone and Jungle. There are many interesting dive sites of the Phi Phi island such as Moo Sung rocks and King Cruiser boat.

A shallow dive that a depth of about 5-24 meters with beautiful coral pink. Foreigners called Anemone Reef have small sea animals such as sea horses, butterflies fish, clown shrimp, eel Morey, toothpick fish, monster crocodile and tiger sharks star named Shark Point.

Can dive to see level depth diving for 18 meters if see the King Cruiser sank should be a diver with expertise and careful. Submerged wrecks of many year are marine animals such as corals, snails, nurse shrimp and other fish such as Mac Corey fish and Lions Fish are living in the area.

By: The 7greens - Tourism Authority of Thailand.
1600 New Phetchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand.
Tel: +662 250 5500, TAT Call Center: 1672.

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