Sep 17, 2012

 The famous tourist attraction of the Nakhonsithammarat province. located in Khao Luang National Park Tambon Khao Kaew, Amphoe Lan Saka, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province.

origin from the Nakorn Si Thammarat mountain has 19 floors, 7 floor open such as Nhan PuengNhan Num Ruang, Nhan Dad Fah and Nhan Soi Dao height of about 1300-1400 meters.

 In once of the Thai king and the royal family had come at this. Is Pra Ra Ma Pi Thai of the reign 5 and 6. Has paths to Nature study distance of 2 kilometers.

Trip: From the city to Highway No. 4016 about 9 kilometers, turn left on Highway No. 4015 to another 20 kilometers to the waterfall on the right hand.

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