Sep 27, 2012

Or Rap Ro Cave is the famous Travel of Tambon Tha Kham, Chumphon Province. temple away from Pathomporn intersection 15 kilometers and was declared a National Historic Site on 27 September 1936.

have to create Luang Poo Luk Mueng Buddha statue in the cave. and Marn Wi Chai Buddha statue 577 Buddha. Next is Ai Tae cave inside is an Vipassana meditation. The slumber Buddha paintings on the cave walls. Ayutthaya is expected to art. But the drawing is not completed.

Rat Sa Muk kee Hall is the Luang Pu Sai body located. He's die but body does not rotten. And has sandstone Buddha's footprint carved images 108 wise also has local museum a collection of found Antiquities in temple area. And the Shadow play exquisite patterns carved with workmanship 

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