Oct 12, 2012

Or PakGrong waterfall is a famous tourism. Under the supervision of the ChadTraKran National Park Waterfall. The area covered by Amphoe ChadTrakran and Amphoe NakhonThai of Phitsanulok Province.

here have 7 floors, each floor has a natural beauty that is unique. The 1st floor called MaliWan is a waterfall that falls from a cliff approximately 30 meters will fall to a large stream is circle ideal for swimAnd a small sandy beach is very beautiful.
2nd floor name Kannikar is ideal to swimThe water will flow down to the 1st floor.
3rd Floor name Karaket this floor that is beautiful.
4th Floor Name YeeSoonTas water flow to the river to swim.

5th Floor name KesMueng 6th name RuengYos 7th floor name RojJaNa the three waterfalls is a smallNatural beautyIn addition, 1st floor cliff  in the period from January to June will have Honeycomb.

Data and Photo by http://travel.thaiza.com/

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