Oct 13, 2012

Point watch the sea mist is famous of Umphang wild animals sanctuaries. area cover Amphoe UmPhangTak Province. Located between mountains which separates the western region of Thailand. And Principality of Myanmar. Most of the mountainous terrain.

The hilltop are covered with grass. Low shrubs and drought lasting tree. no large trees. View point of left hand is valley to see the building that is Umphang downtown.

Also, on top of mountain is view point to see the morning sea of mist is magnificent. And watch the sunrise - Sunset should go before dawn about 5:00AM

Trip Take Umphang - Baan PaLaTha about 10 km to Doi Hua Mot has the view point one point. First point at Km at 9 about 10 minutes to walk up the mountain.

Data and Photo by http://travel.thaiza.com/

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