Oct 14, 2012

The waterfall is the most famous of the Mae Ping National Park. Covering area of Amphoe ​​DoiTao, ChiangMai Province, Amphoe Li, Lamphun Province and Amphoe SamNgao, Tak province.Waterfall is about 22 kilometers away from the national park.

Limestone Waterfall is on the MeaGor River flows through high limestone cliffs about 20 meters running down has 7 floor and flows down to below large green river.

Trip: away from the district 22 km to Highway No.1087 and turn left at the intersection GorThung home. (before GorThung home 1 km) to another 1 km turn left at Gor Thung Temple 5.5 km to 1.5 km up to the hill at Parking and then need to walk 500 meters.

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