Oct 19, 2012

Is a famous tourist attraction of Tumbon MoKhlan, NakhonSiThammarat province. This area was originally a religious place of Brahman. The age of 12-14 century Buddhist. A evidence in the current such as the monolithic, carved stone of door frame, sills, building, ancient ponds and the idol the Fine Arts Department been registered as historic since the 1975.

addition, the Archaeological site No.3, next to No.2, to the west about 1 m.

Trip the Archaeological Site MoKhlan at Moo 12 Tambol MoKhlan away from District 10 km on Highway No.401 to NhaThap home , turn left into Highway No.4022 for another 6 km.

Data and Photo by http://travel.thaiza.com/

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