Oct 31, 2012

Temple is famous for tourist and also locations sacred. Philanthropy was popular for the local people is planted Jampa tree at temples. if it is not dead . That people will live longer.

Perfect for relaxation. Do watch the beauty of nature and frangipani flower on stone terrace. The mountain is a low hill. If approached will invisible. Inside have Buddha statue. The cave has a height of about 30 m.

On 17 April of every year, the Songkran festival will be to start. Nature on the mountain. Plumeria flower is blooming . The stone courtyard and trees everywhere create beautiful impression for the eye who has seen a lot.

originally is a pilgrim. To act Dharma. Later, a clergy is a popular at this temple. The Buddhist is faith. Therefore, efforts to create a Buddha statue to worship.

 Trip : from city Aumnajjalorn Arunprasert Road at km 19 (Amphoe Mueang to Tambon Nam Pleeg junctionThen to Tambon Na Mor MaaTo Baan Phu Jampa House), a distance of about 30 km away from a village about 200 m.

Data and Photo by http://travel.thaiza.com/

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