Oct 10, 2012

Who would not want reach out to catch the clouds and has the world a beautiful dream. Romantic on the high mountain, sea of mist that is stretch farmsteads .To gather all the dreams and imagination, this is beautiful.

The highest mountain of Doi PhaMon, Chiang Rai Province. A land that has mist over mountain complex. Looking from afar. Seen as sharp mountain pointing up to the sky is magically. It has been called a. "The roof of Siam" on a View Point have meadow wide about 1 square kilometer.

This is the pointed which is the origin of the name PhuPlaiLaem. Extended to the Laos side. When the mist is breakdown can see village. ChiangTong Of Laos on below. Surrounded by green forests. In the Winter brings Saew flowers or Chongkho flowers are bloomWhite flowers in full bloom fully foothills mountain.

Know before you go There.

 The best time to watch the sunrise and the sea mist. are Month from November to January when the flowers are bloom bloom. Must January - February

 To be come watch the sea mist that needed to overnight sleep. Available The resort various. PhuChiFa Park is no home service. Must bring the their own tents . The tent should be strong and have a Insulator shield dew. 

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