Oct 23, 2012

Called another name. "Prea Toa Lor Su waterfall" nature of the new attractions that are popular with the tourists. The waterfall in the SaamMuen mountain Amphoe UmPhang, Tak provine.

A large waterfall with a height of about 500 meters (measured by GPS) is the highest waterfall in Thailand. The most beautiful in the rainy season.

Trip from Amphoe Umphang, Take Umphang - BerngKoem home distance of 60 km use the time 1.5 hours on the Kui Ler Tor village of the Karen. Visitors will to travel on foot from village passageway the mountains and streams, about 3-4 hours to reach the site.

Data and Photo by http://travel.thaiza.com/

Google map (Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary)

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