Oct 24, 2012

Stay away from the city about 25 km design and constructed by instructors Mr. Chalermchai Kosit Phiphat on 1997 temple quaint beautiful by Ornament by Silver mirror. The temple have beautiful mural paintings.

 internal include Image all shades of gold. 4 the walls, ceiling and floor are paintings that represent the disengagement of passion.

Chaufah 1st floor Mean canon consists of fourth animals mixed type with the soil, water, Wind, fire.

Chaufah 2nd floor (top) Mean concentration of two animals type is the great Naga (serpent) and swan.

Chaufah 3rd Floor (the highest) Mean intelligence with the Swan mouth of Garuda.

Pole four corner side chapel is Tung (Flag) worship of a Buddhist to the Buddha by the principle of Lanna.

 The donating to build a temple Tel.+66 5367 3579. 

Trip : at Rong Khun HouseTambon Pa Oe Dorn Chai. along Highway No.1 Phayao - Maesai at km 816 turn left about 100 meters (one-way access to Khun Gorn Waterfall).

Data and Photo by http://travel.thaiza.com/

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