Oct 18, 2012

 The famous waterfall is located in the Ta Khro house northern area. Tambon Pu Fai, Amphoe PraChanTaKham, PraJinBuRi Province. The waterfall is not very high. River flowing pass stone , a distance of about 400 m in length, certain range have rivers to swim. Periodically all streams.

Trip : by Road Pra Jin - Ta Kam (Highway No.3452), a distance of about 16 km, turn right onto Highway No.33 to Pra Jan Ta Kham intersection turn left and follow the road for about 12 km, turn left, go straight for about 300 m and turn left about 1 km go straight to the Som Poi waterfall.

Data and Photo by http://travel.thaiza.com/

Google map (Tambon Pu Fai) 

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