Oct 8, 2012

Or Ratanagosai hot spring. The famous tourist attraction as healthful Baan Thasatorn Moo 6 Tambon Thasatorn, Amphoe Phunphinm, Suratthani. province The acidity - Alkaline 7.90, Total mass spectrometry amounts and other minerals 1,980 ppm.

Good for Foot Bath, soak body in a hot spring. Temperature is about 70 ° CHave home for residence for the treatment of natural mineral water

 Trip Use route number 401 to three separate kilometer 0 , turn right onto route number 401turn left onto Baan BoGrang. Pass Railway and Tambol Bor Grang market about 4 kilometers, turn right into BaanHuayluek . Is the path to a Thasathorn hot spring. Distance of about 3 kilometers.

Call for more details.
Tourist Information +6677 294 011.
village leader Office +6677 294 011.
Health Center +6677 294 175.
OTOP products Center +6677 294 008.
public service +6677 294 377.

Data and Photo by http://travel.thaiza.com/

Google map (Tha satorn River)

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