Oct 13, 2012

The most beautiful waterfall in Thailand. Large waterfall in the area of UmPhang Wildlife sanctuaries Amphoe UmPang, Tak Province. Away from the district 3 km "Tee Lor Su" is Karen people language mean "Black Waterfall".

Located on the high sea level 900 meters from river GloTor. Flow into the high cliffs. Water flow throughout the year. Width of about 500 meters, with a height of about 300 meters, surrounded by rainforest. The waterfall has large as Ranked # 6 of Asia.

It is very beautiful in the rainy season between June 1 to November 31 because the waterfall to get water from rain. It is wider than other season. But as the car into off. To protect and preserve the condition of the path to the user from damage. Visitors can avoid using this route. Can buying tour with a tour company that will go with the boat and walk approximately 12 km.

If come winter - summer between December 1 to May 31Traveler will be able to use a car to the waterfall. Tourism is the most convenient.

Trip by a car route Umphang - MaeSord. To Km 161 and turn left at MaeklongMai home to the DeLor checkpoints or "Um Phang Wildlife sanctuaries" (for travelers who need a driving will has license to in this area. Um Phang Wildlife Sanctuary (Sp.7(สป.7)) to Tourism Promotion club every time.  
Travelers must submit Sp.7(สป.7) at the DeLor checkpoint).

After traveling along the dirt road another 26 km to the UmPhang Wildlife Sanctuary. It takes about 3 hours to drive. The route this period is the ground. Should use pickup. Or 4 wheels powered car, the undercarriage is very high . In the rainy season can't use a car.  

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