Nov 7, 2012

The winter this year may be cold than last year. In particular, the wind comes with the beauty of Bua Tong flower is Bloom. welcome to visit Mae U Kho Mountain Tambon Mae U kho, Amphoe Khun Yuam, Mae Hong Son province. The area covers approximately 500 acres. Bua Tong flower here is Bloom together in during months from November to December of every year.

Every morning, the temperature dropped to 12-15 °C due to the altitude of above sea about 1,000 m and Bua Tong flower will bloom full mountain is yellow beautiful to create surprise for tourist arrivals.

Trip : National Highway No.108. kilometer at 201 separate Highway No.1263 about 12 km, then byroad the Baan Na Ngew - Baan Hua Ha to 14 km or from Amphoe Mae Jam, Chiang Mai Province. Highway No.1263 (Mae Jam - Khun Yuam) junction to Baan Na Ngew - Baan Hua Ha distance 76 km and turn into another 14 km.

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