Nov 24, 2012

Famous tourist attractions of the Nakhon Nayok province is located in the intersection of Pa Cha Kasem Moo 11 Nakhon Nayok Road - Sarika Waterfall, Tumbon Sarika, Amphoe Muang, Nakornnayok province. Ganesh has a large height of about 9 meters.

As the god of achievement. To pay homage render joyous. There is also a museum exhibit Ganesh posture various to 108 postures.

Trip : use Road No.3049 is be obliged to the city about 5 km or be obliged to Luang Phor red mouth Temple(Wat Phrammani Temple) about 1 km, to the junction and turn left into the park, located on the left about 100 m.

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Google map (Wat Phrammani)

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