Nov 16, 2012

Phenomenon peculiar stone. On the mountain Phu Laen Kha. Unseen is the new attraction of the Chaiyaphum Province .

Located. White stone abbeys Wang Cam Can house, Moo 5, Tambon Tha Hin Ngom, Muang district away from the city to the north, About 60 km. Main Street Chaiyaphum - Tat Ton Waterfall - Tha Hin Ngom to three junction Jaeng Jaroen House. Turn left at Bend road Wang Nam Khiao house - Wang Cam Can house about 9 km to the site of the large stone Multiple blocks in the Mountains "Phu Lan Kha".

 Is about 600 m above sea level north is near Amphoe Nong Bua Daeng and Amphoe Kaset Sombun can overlook the Lam Pra Thow Reservoir that live far away ideal for those who prefer weather a natural. look far is beautiful. A cool wind blew all day.

Characteristics of rock occur naturally. Is very large. Width about 4-5 m high about 15-20 m and features is a row of stone blocks is collate. That nature has created astonishingly is known as the Grand Canyon of Thailand.

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