Nov 17, 2012

.Attractions in Amphoe Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai about 40 km away from the city center is a large Hot springs UNSEEN THAILAND.

Water temperature is about 90-99 °C. Hot springs up from underground always are up to high 4 m. The highest hot spring in Thailand. Around the dense forests smell of sulfur is more.

 There are also nature study trail to Route 107 Chiang Mai - Fang about 38 km, then turn left along Mae Malai - Pai about 44 km and turn right into approximately 6.5 km and have to walk about 500 m provides home and the tent open from 08:00AM to 06:00PM.

Inquire call. +66 5331 5209, +66 5324 8491.
Admission fee Adult 20 baht, children 10 baht, foreigners 100 baht

 Information: Chiang Mai Provincial Administration Organization.
Road Chotana Tambon Changpuak Amphoe Muang.
Chiang Mai Province Tel: +66 5389 ​​1500-6.
Fax +66 5389 ​​1500-6.

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