Nov 18, 2012

Create awareness and pride in the Thailand. The way to preserve the art and culture of Thailand and promotion of tourism in the Historic Site nightfall in Bangkok.

What is involved.
- The Legend of Songkran festival.
- Giant statues.
- wonders original traditional massage and traditional medical schools.
- king built along with the palace.
- The first university in the country.

 Admission is free for Thailand peopleForeigners 50 Baht
It is open between the time 8:00AM - 9:00PM every day.
Contact us , call. +66 2226 0335, +66 22260369.

Wat Pra Ched Phon Wi Mon Mung Ka La Ram Temple.
Address: 2 Road Sanam Chai, Pra Bo Rom Ma Ha Rat Cha Wang .
Bangkok 10200.
Phone: (+662) 222-5910 226-2942 225-9595.
Fax: (+662) 225-9779.

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