Dec 27, 2012

The major attractions. In mountains most areas, surrounded by the fertile forests. About 70 km away from Chiang Mai town.

Hot Springs is situated on over 3 acres set the same name as the name of the village is Pong Kwao home. The visitors will have to warm water, with a private room. You can soak them for about 2 3 people and include the soak room, to the hot springs have accommodations to prepare for the visitors. Stay on it price of just 1500 baht per night for a tents price about 260 Baht

Located in Moo 3 Pong Kwao home, Tambon North SamoengAmphoe Samoeng, Chiang Mai Province.about 30 km away from the district.

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Google map (Samoeng Nuea)

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