Jan 17, 2013

Attractions and learn the history and archeology of the area is located in Tumbon Sop Pong, Amphoe Pang Ma Pha, Mae Hong Son province.

The cave is large but not very deep. Inside the cave there is a collection of coffin and pottery fragments of human prehistoric together. It is widely known and easily accessible. Without a guided. Because it has electrical installation in the cave easily to see .

Trip: Highway No. 1095 between kilometer at 144-145 away from the Pang Ma Pha hospital. towards Mae Hong Son town about 600 m, the right has a small labels. Way to the cave, but it is not clear. Have the narrow streets. Parking is hard to find, should parking at the hospital and walk to is safer. Up to about 300 m to reach the cave.

Data and Photo by http://travel.thaiza.com/

Google map  (Pang Ma Pha hospital)

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