Jan 20, 2013

The highest mountain and cold in Mae Wong. Has a height of about 1,964 meters above sea level.
About 27 kilometers away from the park.

The term "Mo Go Ju" is Karen(people in the mountain) language mean the rain will fall because on the mountains covered by mist and cold all the time. Those who want to conquer the mountain. To prepare the body as well. Because up to mountain have a slope of not less than 60 degrees, take the time to go to - back 5-day.

 A trip to the Mae Wong National Park. From Nakhon Sawan Province Use National Highway No. 1 to the  Wilai curve intersection, Phaholyothin Road. kilometer at 307 +500, turn left onto Highway No. 1242 (pass Amphoe Pang Sila Tong) to about 40 km.

Then turn right to Provincial Highway No. 1072 for 10 km to the intersection of Khlong Larn. Turn left onto Highway No. 1117 Khlong Larn Street - Um Phang, about 15 km to the Mae Wong National Park. It is the home to the first zone (Zone of the National Park) and the path to the residence Zone 2 (cold zone).

Data and Photo by http://travel.thaiza.com/

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