Feb 20, 2013

Sri Nan National Park. It covers an area of Amphoe Wiang Sa, Na Muen, Na Noi, Nan province at the end of this winter season would be nice if you have a scenic view point to the 360° is the most visited.

Mountain regions have a wider areas for watch the stars, Rest, watch the sunrise and sunset.

For more information, Sri Nan National Park. Tel. +6654-701106, +6681-224 0800.

Trip: From the District of Nan. Take National Highway No. 101 to Amphoe Wiang Sa. Turn right onto Highway No. 1026 to Amphoe Na Noi. Distance of about 35 km, then turn left along Highway No. 1083 (Na Noi - Pang Hi) about 15 km to the park.

Data and Photo by http://travel.thaiza.com/

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