Feb 22, 2013

This is an important tourist attraction and has been popular with both local and foreign. There is the antique cave temple. Located at Moo 11, Tambon Khao Pu, Amphoe Sri Banphot, Phatthalung Province is about 200 years old.

When comes to area before the cave, it would be a good way to go. The front will be decorative beautiful garden. There are various types of trees.

When on the stairs about 50 m will see old a pavilion of a permanent nature within the precincts of a monastery is octagonal. Next it is a large area for the various activities within the temple, Inside have a hall. The cave has three bronze Buddha images. Lap about 80 cmhigh 30 cm current is tourist attraction only. Is not Temple.

Data and Photo by http://travel.thaiza.com/

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