Feb 23, 2013

Waterfall has been recognized as the most beautiful of the southern. It is in the care of Ton Nga Chang wildlife sanctuaries of Songkhla and Satun province.

Here is a waterfall that has seven floors.
The first floor is Ton Ba.
2 is Ton Plew.
3 is Ton Nga Chang.
4 is Ton Darm.
5 is Ton Narm Ploi.
6 is Ton Rue Si Koi Bor.
And last is Ton Med Chun.
Locate at Tambon Thung Tam Sao, Amphoe Hat Yai of Songkhla province

 Tourism activities: Visitors will enjoy visiting the beautiful waterfall. And can also explore the hiking trails. Wildlife Sanctuary is have it for the adventurous Travellers to have access to nature.

Trip: from Hat Yai to the Petchkasem Road path Hat Yai - Rattaphum. Turn left at Tambon Baan Hu Rae along another 13 km to waterfall, tuk-tuk rate go to 2-3 hours approximately 300-400 baht, also the Hat Yai Market have buses every day.

Data and Photo by http://travel.thaiza.com/

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