Mar 3, 2013

This has been called the UNSEEN THAILAND for nature lovers and to get closer the local animal that is "herd deer."

Here is a medium sized island. An area of ​​approximately 2.8 sq km. About 1.2 km width. Around 2.4 sq km long. And is also the location of the resortIt offers rooms and Regional food is delicious. Delicious fresh clean seafood and the atmosphere of the island is naturally beautiful with a view for tourists to take photograph as a souvenir .

Resort also offers Boat trip to see island. Snorkeling and diving. It has abundant coral reefs scattered around islands. To see coral reefs and many kinds fish from the scuba diving. The most beautiful of Trat sea.

 Contact Kradad Island Resort Mr.Awirut Mamechai Tel. +6688-5000667, +6686-3227010 Or the website.

Trip on the boat at the port of Laem Ngob 9:30AM boat to Koh Mak island 10.30AM, Next The Kradad Island Resort is sent the boat to go receive 10 minutes to the place. *** The cost of the travel is about 1,500 Baht ***

Picture by ThaleTrad

Data and Photo by

Google Maps

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