Mar 4, 2013

Summer will coming, Recommended to the most beautiful island of P.P Islands. Has been named as a traveler is. "coral reefs hundred thousand acres" is the popular tourist destination of Scuba diving from people Thailand and foreigners.

Away The Krabi Town about 40 km in the area to take care of Noppharat Thara Beach State Park - P.P. Islands. Located in the district of the city. Krabi Province. Outstanding are the beautiful beach with white sand. The rocks and surrounded by pine trees. Blue-green water.

 In addition to this. There is Residence a myriad of marine animal. And a beautiful coral reef. Visitors can enjoy activities such as swimming, walking, photography and scuba diving, and on the island a camping ground. Have tents of the park to service.

Trip have Boat Rental, passenger ship and tours boat in morning go evening back service. For rent boat out all port. Passenger ship from the port of Krabi Town. Tour boats leave Nop Pha Rart Tha Ra Beach the port

Photo by Paolo Guidetti ottk

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