Mar 2, 2013

Travel location in lovers of nature to very visit of Thailand. located at Wang Saphung Amphoe Phu Ruea, Dan Sai and Phu Luang, Loei Province, the highest mountain with a height of about 1,571 m.

In the period between from March to April of every year at the "Soam Dej cliff" Travel Forum Travel Guide and also the nature study is popular of Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary have many flowers. But the most notable and famous is a thousand years rose with the red and white.

 Nature study path is the view point stay away from Kra Bar flocks of birds in the east for about 2 km and next to Pha Chang cliff passed away about 1 km is the view point with a height of around 1,480 m on the look out will see the mountains and the stone of Ta Loen cliff is the grass layer down to. Cliff area are shrub forests interspersed with the rocks very beautiful. For more information.

Trip from Bangkok. To Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary have 2 route is
- First route BANGKOK - SARABURI - Si Khiw - CHAIYAPHUM - Phu Khiaw - Chum Phae - Phu Kradueng - Wang Saphung - LOEI a distance of approximately 560 km
- Route 2 BANGKOK - SARABURI - PHETCHABUN - Lom Sak - Lom Kao - Dan Sai - Phu Ruea - LOEI a distance of about 530 km

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Google Maps (Phuluang Wildlife Sanctuary)

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  1. the cliff was accessible 10 years ago but now it's full of wild elphants...even with a gun i would not go...we had to come back...if you pass you cannot be sure you can come back