Apr 10, 2013

The Sea Aquarium Center. Attractions that are popular with tourists. And have been accepted as. "Center of variants aquaculture integration of the first and the only one in Southeast Asia".

Characterized in that is Large underwater tunnel. The longest in the world of the project area 0.64 acres Area 13,985 sq m building a tunnel under the water is freshwater and saltwater. A total length 133 m.

Divided into sections as follows.
      Zone 1 Jungle Explorer
      Zone 2 Monster Creature 
      Zone 3 Ocean Explorer 
      Zone 4 Under the River 
      Zone 5 Peculiar & Unbelievable 
      Zone 6 Under the Ocean

Opening times: Monday - Friday Open 10:00AM-05:00PM Saturday - Sun And holidays 9:00AM-05:00PM the cost of the visit >>> Click here 

Contact Marine Scape (Thailand) Co. Ltd. 
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E-Mail: info@chiangmaiaquarium.com.

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Trip: Private Car from the city district. Chiang Mai Province. Along Huay Kaew Rd. Pass the Chiang Mai University. Chiang Mai Zoo is on your left. adjacent Doi Suthep . When came to it. If lead Private Car will be parked at the car park in front of the Chiang Mai Zoo.

Photo by chiangmaiaquarium

Data and Photo by http://travel.thaiza.com/

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