Sep 18, 2013

Water Park Project under copyright Cartoon Network first in the world is located in Thailand. Located in Tambon Bang Sray, Sattahip District, Chonburi.

 The Omniverse: zone to experience a giant waterslide. Humungaslide height 23.4 m / 77 feet is like a roller coaster high-speed.

It also has a whirlpool waterslide, high speed 23m in height with a rubber raft to slide along the arc circle of the slider with the high-speed high water pressure before reaching their destination high 8 m, the players jump into the water with the aftershock.

 The OMNITRIX: a giant tower as high as 77 feet from the ground. Pipe slide specially designed for 4 players fast slipping into long tunnel before into the machine OMNITRIX players will be cast into the top of the Magicsphere and out of vertical ramp before plummeting into the water (players must be over 1.2 m tall).

Alien Attack: into the belly of the alien downstream raft along the pipe long slide 360 feet on a rollercoaster adventure in water is exciting. Up - down like space. While you and the raft go up through the hill will found surprising power spray with high inclination sudden angle passing a giant space shuttle NRG, Cannonball and Swampfire (players must be higher than 1.2 m).

 XLR8-TOR: 18 m high, is a scary slide. The rail to angle by 60 degrees will cause trembling (players must be higher than 1.2 m).

 Goop Loop: From the closed room with a trapdoor. When the signal ground foot below, it will fall straight down like a roller coaster to the ground in less than two seconds, the player must be higher than 52 inches and weighs at least 99 pounds (48 kg).

Trip: Located in the eastern region of Thailand in Bang Se-Re Beach, Pattaya 20 minutes away from the city.
Address: 888 Moo 8 Na Jomtien, Chonburi 20250 Thailand
Facebook fan page:
Video installation Humungaslide:

*Note opened in 2014.

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