Sep 30, 2013

Beautiful Mekong river and the rainy season to see this beautiful city, here is a distinctive community in the old wooden house. At present, it has been preserved as well.

 This is a district in the Loei province adjacent to the Mekong River charming attractive atmosphere of peaceful relaxation along the Mekong River.

 During the late in morning after the city no fog is good, if you find time to visit the beautiful walks of the community still have old wooden house. That still get preserved. This is the most attractive classic of Chiang Khan city.

Present in some of buildings have been designed as accommodation, restaurant, shops for tourists who want to relax close to the community and activiy to visit the temples, alms in the morning and sightseeing cruise along the Mekong River.

 For more information on Chiang Khan Municipality Office Moo 2 Tambon Chiang Khan, Chiang Khan district, Loei Province 42110.

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