Sep 23, 2013

Attractions of Nam Nao National Park. This park is most beautiful of Thailand. Here's a park with scenic natural beauty and attractive to come.

 There is a waterfall that is very beautiful, especially during end of rainy season, there will be more water caused by Sa Nam Sai creek is the natural boundary between Nam Nao District of Phetchabun to Khon San District of Chaiyaphum.

 Here is a large waterfall with a height of about 20 m below the waterfalls is deep water can swim and has large stone can dodge the rain.

Trip: the entrance to the waterfall is located kilometer at 67 National Highway No. 12 (Don Lom Sak - Chum Phae) on foot distance of one kilometer.

Google Maps (Nam Nao National Park)
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  1. Thanks, probably after new year I will start head to Phetchabun area! :)

    First, need to revisit Kaeng Krachan and Khao Yai;