Sep 25, 2013

The major attractions of Tambon Ban Pae, Chom Thong, Chiang Mai. Set up in February 1983 to help hill tribes with a career instead of opium growing.

 There are many points of interest. The first is to agro-tourism focus on activities visit to promote productive and to the rice farm to watch level of the rice staircase of Karen(hillmen)

 Later is tour the cultural will visit they lifestyle such as the weaving, dyeing with natural materials, the embroidered patterns and jewelry and herbs massage.

Finally is the natural attractions is Khun Pae Waterfall for relaxing and swimming is also a source of electricity and water sources for agriculture. Then go to Huai Khi Lek Waterfall in the deep forest is habitat of Salaman .
 Subsequent visits to the Pa Kluai cave around the forest with beautiful scenery. Then travel along nature study path here - Pha Khaw and here - Doi Yom Ting the tour by guides. Last is Pha Khao Pha Tak is very beautiful cliff viewpoint.

 Trip: Take Highway 108 from Chiang Mai - Hod kilometer at 82-83 to the junction of a Pae village and Tong temple need to turn right to go pass a Pae village, Thung Phat Tha Na village, Boan Na village, Khun Pae village about 22 km to the office center.

Google Maps (Khun Pae village)
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