Sep 24, 2013

During November to February every year the area in the North and Northeast of Thailand will have cold weather more than other provinces. This is especially perfect for to get wind cold. Because located Phetchabun mountain range with a height between 650 to 1200 meters above sea level.

 Attractions that can not be missed to go. The first recommend is the views of Pha Hong cave points of sunset is famous looks high mountain has footpath for walk up hill approximately 200 m. There also has a visit to a small cave with stalagmites and stalactites as beautiful is several species of bats live. For entrance is kilometer at 39 National Highway No. 12 (Doi Lom Sak - Chum Phae) You walk for about 300 m.

 Point of scenery Phu Kho. Located on the kilometer at 46 of Highway 12 is the most beautiful scenery. Especially during the winter, you can see the forest backdrop as Phu Kradueng and Phu Pha Jit.

Later suggest Phu Nam Rin is a large cave with stalactites and stalagmites and natural beauty, the most surprising is the water flowing from the cave. A depth of about 4.5 km.

 In addition to visiting the caves and scenic spots here are several beautiful tourist attractions such as Phran Ba, Sai Thong, Hel Sai of Waterfall, Pha Lom Pha Kong, Pha Phu Dan E Pong of cliff, Baan Paek garden.

 Finally Suan Son Phu Kum Khao garden have a large pine height 30 to 40 m, with an area of ​​about 10 sq km is a place to visit is the most photographed. Especially the low hills at the height of sea level 880 m. This area can be seen top of the pine is a row like a green as the sea is very beautiful.

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