Sep 23, 2013

Places to visit in Pattaya is the most popular destinations of lovers sheep. Located opposite The Regent's School - Pattaya is a popular tourist attraction of travelers Thailand and foreign.

 Attractions for those who like to take pictures because inside has a place to take a photo around the farm are chic. There is also have a restaurant, a steak house and a statue of sheep for photographed into cost 50 baht and can be take a ticket to exchange grass for feeding sheep for children with height less than 110 cm free access opening 9:00AM - 07.00PM call +6681-1549434 or

 Trip: From the motorway (Bangkok - Pattaya) directly to the Banglamung by pass and then go straight will find The Regent's School - Pattaya, then return the car to pass the label Suanphung Big C will see the sign Pattaya Sheep Farm then turn left into the entrance is a gravel road about 1 kilometer to the place on the right hand.

Google Maps (The Regent's School - Pattaya)
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