Sep 17, 2013

Here are excited about the trip to the land of dinosaurs or that known as Phu Faek is large mountain with a height of about 200-475m above sea level, this is the most famous dinosaur footprints and found in dinosaur bones most of the country.

 A month on November 1996 with two girls and their parents to eat on the holiday have found strange footprints central courtyard stone Ngao Du creek of Phu Phan mountains. Then let staff geologist with the government and private sectors in the Kalasin Province. They to explore is a dinosaur footprint. Type of Toropot in the group of Canosor species of carnivorous, about 140 million years old.

Trip: from Kalasin city along the route KALASIN - SAKON-NAKHON about 42km to the intersection of Soam Dej District, turn right for about 20km to the T-junction Huai Phueng District turn left to Na Khu District about 10km to the junction (concrete road) turn left for 4km to the park. Total distance of approximately 76 kilometers.

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