Sep 22, 2013

New Attraction of Tambon Huai Bong, Dan Khun Thot district, Nakhon Ratchasima. Located on over 4,000 acres. Surrounded by corn field, Potato field and sugarcane field of the villagers. From this location can view scenery is beautiful.

There lease land of the farmers construction of the wind turbines. The project have 90 large wind turbines with a height of 99.5 m the diameter of the propeller 101 m can produce electrical energy 350 Million units per year by the Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand is the purchase of electricity.

The current become the first large wind turbines farms of Thailand and have a capacity maximum in Southeast Asia. Now becomes importance tourist attraction and the visitors to see place and take a photo with wind turbines have a lot of people.

Google Maps  (Tambon Huai Bong)
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  1. I wanna asking, can we enter to this place?

    1. Sorry for Mr./Miss. Zilla . I search detail to travel this country only. Mr./Miss. Zilla don't ask please. Sorry for Mr./Miss. Zilla again. I don't check comment every time / everyday