Sep 20, 2013

There is located Tambon Laem Klat, Muang District, Trat, is a large waterfall and traveling all year round are frequented by tourists visiting here regularly. Especially in the holidays with local people to swim at the downstairs waterfall have many people.

Here in the ground floor water flows from low stone. Waterfall in the front has streams with large boulders. You can to swim at some point. If it rainy season the water is very strong. In the higher floors difficulty to walking up must climbing to the sheer cliffs upper, waterfall flowing over a rock 30 m.

Trip: private cars. Take Highway 318 on to kilometer at 32 will see Saphan Hin temple on the left. Entrance waterfall is concreteb road beside Temple, clearly signposted go 500 m straight into the waterfall.
By minibus: Take a bus line Trad - Khlong Yai. take off to waterfall entrance fee of 20 baht

Google Maps (Saphan Hin temple)
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