Sep 13, 2013

This is a treasure trove of historical and intellectual tourist attractions of Thailand. Currently set at 26/138 Wisutkasat Rd, Muang, Phitsanulok. Founded in 1990 divided into three buildings were....

1 is shows old photos the history of Phitsanulok such as the official in the past, the Phitsanulok fire of 1957 etc.

2 is building has 2 floors shows appliances Thailand in the past such as catch tools fish, birds, mice, monkeys, musical instruments and toys in the past.

3 is the Lao Soang exhibition in Phitsanulok migrated from Phetchaburi, Ratchaburi.

Open Tuesday - Sunday 08.30AM-04.30PM Admission: adult 50 Baht, children 20 Baht, students (group) 20 Baht, PRIESTS free. Contact Tel. +66-5521-2749, +66-5530-1668.

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