Sep 28, 2013

Popular tourist attraction which can be come every season. Especially the beautiful rainy season. Su Tong Pae is language of Thai Yai (Thailand people Burma lineage) meaning prayer that successful.

 This bridge was built by the Permanent Secretary Mr.Jittaphat Akkhapanyo together with the Kung Mai Saak villagers and the general public as a bridge lined with bamboo width of about 2 m long 500 m to the Thaam Phoos Sa Ma garden and Mae Sa Nga river and field to the village of Kung Mai Saak.

 The purpose of creating used as pathway for the monks on alms round and the locals traffic easily. By plantation owners had donated land for bridge pass rice field to use the budget in the construction of 800,000 + Baht

Today it is a tourist attraction is the most traveler visiting of Mae Hong Son.

Google Maps (Mae Sa Nga river)
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