Sep 12, 2013

This is the highest mountain in the district of Tha Song Yang, at Mae Jwang Village, Tambon Tha Song Yang , Tha Song Yang district, Tak mountain hill tribe called the "Thu Lay Kho" there are 1,330 m above sea level.

Along the path of travel you will find the beauty of plants that grows along the high mountain environment, The beauty of the flowers and the mountain scenery is beautiful, If traveling in the winter is very cold weather and the beautiful sea fog.

Trip: along Highway 105 to Mae Sot - Mae Sariang to area kilometer at 142  go to 500 m, turn right into the Mae Jwang village. Service to those who want to travel up the mountain have carry people up and guide service. By contact Song Yang SAO Telephone number. +6655-576416-7, +6655-577437, +668-9268-0116, +668-1181-5820

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