Oct 1, 2013

Located in Khaam Khaen Village, Tambon Na Sabaeng, Si Wilai district, Buengkan province is close Wat Ja Ti Khi Ri Vi Haan Temple (Wat Phu Thok) is a mountain that had seen the dense forest with many wild animals, Master Juan Gulchadtho has established a place of drarma practice because it is very quiet.

Trip: from Buengkan City and turn right on Highway 222 to Si Wilai district has left junction 30 km through Au Khaam Village, Na Singh villages, Saan Sai Ngam village, Saeng Ja Roen village to Na Khaam Khaem village is a place.

** Note that is closed to tourists held on April 10 to 16 of every year calls. +668 7493 0355.

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