Dec 31, 2013

 Current is a very popular for traveler this is the tourist destination near Bangkok, in 2006 The Time Asia Magazine edition of Best of Asia regarded as the best city in Asia (The Best Urban Oasis).
For travel to can go several way because near Bangkok and just 25 minutes travel time, tourists can travel by taxi to get to the Chao Phraya River Port is Bangna, Khlong Toei and Chong Nonsi.

 That is part of the Chao Phraya River in the west, which is shaped like a pig stomach. Although it is in the area of the province of Samutprakarn, but the reality is the heart of Bangkok since 1977, has been designated as a green space and a space where arable land is not allow to building construction height exceeded.

For tourist attractions not to miss the opportunity to visit, the first is parks and gardens of Sri Nakhonkhueankhan is located in Tambon Bang Ka Chao, Phra Pradaeng district, Samut Prakan Province.

 There is an area with 80 + acres, built to provide a source of clean air, parks, ecosystem of plants and animals. It also has a bird watching tower that has been popular with bird watchers who do not want to go far away provinces.

Next Places to visit recommends is the fish Thailand museum. Here to tell a story about the fish Thailand is divided into four parts: Baan Rark Ru, Hall of World Hall of Culture, nature trail and people dare place.

 Then is herbal incense home is a tourist destination with a natural atmosphere ideal for relaxation. There is a source of Bang Nam Phueng farmers women groups making scented incense, ideal for those who are interested in making incense sticks made ​​from medicinal plants and is also a popular destination for tourists of a bicycle tour of Thailand and foreigners a lot.

The last is Bang Nam Phueng market open Saturday - Sunday. 07.00am until evening, Within market travelers will find to products and many food a lot of people sold, the key is affordable. In addition the market also sells famous food and local products of the community such as flowers fish scales, herbs incense, mango cv and Knmcrk Fried mussels etc.

Google Maps (Sri Nakhon Khuean Khan Park And Botanical Garden)
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