Dec 24, 2013

 That happened during the dry season beach is white fine sand grains a width of about 2km. Beaches are only visible during the winter or low tide.

 For origin of the name, The villagers said that in the past, fishermen are out fishing or relaxing overnight stay at this beach. Night will see many the stars glowing, it was part of the watch the stars(Chom Dao) beach, to today.

 Besides the beautiful beach of white sand along the Mekong River at some point have beautifully shaped like a skull, heart, and still have 10 + emerald wells, which is caused by erosion from wind, water, sunlight with a long duration of several hundred year

 It also has mid-river cliff which found traces of erosion, natural stone is similar to stalactites. Which the local administration has organized a climbing activity in this area annually.

 Trip: From Ubon City take the highway 2050 passing Tra Karn Phuech Phon District turn right onto Highway 2337 to junction of Highway 2337 at its intersection with Highway 2112 to junction Khong Chiam - Khemmarat turn left about 12 km to the right junction onto beach is gravel road about 2 km.

Google Maps (Na Tan District)
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