Dec 28, 2013

 Present here is the culmination of a mountain is above on a sea of clouds, one of Thailand's most beautiful and also the mountains that has been dubbed the most beautiful island on the sea of ​​clouds over the imagination be called UNSEEN THAILAND.
It has a height of about 2,225 M is the height is ranked 3 of country. Current is the ideal destination for travelers who like adventure. If the weather is cold, it is covered with, the sea of ​​clouds and mist, mountain like floating in among clouds sea is magically.

For friends who like to travel can be reached everyday in the morning during the months of October to February of every year.

Trip: From Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao district that is located 72 km west of Chiang Dao walking out of Baan Tharm or cavern.

For more information, Chiang Dao Wildlife Sanctuary call +6653-455802, +6689-9551417, +662-5614832.
TAT office. Region North (Chiang Mai, Lamphun, Lampang, Mae Hong Son) +6653-248604, +6653-248607, +6653-241466.
Travel Information Center (Call Center) 1672.

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